Frieders Law, LLC is the legal practice of Dean Frieders. My practice is built upon the experience of serving clients who have annual budgets ranging from hundreds of dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars, and collaborating on projects of all sizes and complexity. I provide a full range of legal services with extensive experience in corporate law , complex financial transactions, real estate zoning, entitlement, development and leasing, and implementation and integration of software, communications and hardware purchase and licensure agreements, not to mention years of experience representing a range of public and private bodies in every imaginable capacity, including Court-appointed special counsel, prosecutor, litigation counsel and general corporate counsel. For clients large and small, I have the ability and skill to bring your project to fruition.  Learn more about my simplified legal services. The heart of my practice is municipal and local government law, including fixed-fee services for units of local government.  Because of the diversity of my work in government, I am incredibly experienced in a broad swath of practice areas.  Find out more about real estate and development, learn about contracts and negotiation, understand my services as general counsel and risk manager, or read about litigation and dispute resolution.  I am also very pleased to serve as the Village Manager and Attorney for the Village of Pingree Grove, a fast-growing community in Kane County, Illinois.

Your objectives are my deliverables.

I collaborate with my clients to understand their needs, to anticipate the challenges ahead, and to provide strategies to achieve the most favorable outcomes. I enable my clients to make informed decisions, and then adhere to their direction and ensure that they are well-served by creative, comprehensive agreements and arrangements that establish new best practices in their industries. The practice of law is about more than just knowing the statutes—my clients benefit from a true partnership where their legal services are provided in the fashion that best befits them. My client relationships vary from as needed hourly services, to serving as functional in-house counsel providing a full-range of legal acumen. Well-conceived plans often produce results without having to resort to litigation, but when a trip to Court is required, I zealously undertake that action with professionalism and diligence.

On the Making of a Lawful Dystopia | Dean Frieders | TEDxNorthCentralCollege

Frieders Law, LLC (2012-Present)

Overview:  Approach projects by truly understanding objectives and resources and maximizing efficient, if sometimes non-traditional, use of human and economic capital. Where necessary, engage in dispute resolution or litigation to compel desired results. Identify weaknesses in client operations and develop model for delivery of legal services that efficiently make use of all available resources, both in-house and contractual, to exceed client goals. Analyze threats and opportunities, and then develop negotiation and drafting strategies that optimize opportunities for all levels of enterprise to be successful while mitigating avoidable liabilities.

Professional Focus: Providing full range of real property and construction related development from land entitlement, zoning, engineering, financing, construction, sale and leasing including extensive experience with AIA and ConsensusDOCS agreements. Use of internal service agreements and external contracts and service level agreements for a broad range of telecommunication, networking and fiber-optic systems, software licensure and SaaS agreements, and hardware development, lease and purchase agreements. Identification of relevant regulatory requirements and strategies for ensuring compliance therewith, inclusive of internal audit and documentation standards. Analysis of current and potential liabilities and development of internal practices to mitigate the same. Both prosecute and defend litigation, including complex real property litigation and defense of state and federal law claims. Work with clients to reevaluate challenges and opportunities to find creative, unexpected and elegant solutions.

Key Projects and Successes:

  • Strategic Approaches to Project Financing: Developed new methodology for public/private partnership leveraging benefits of government and private enterprise, utilizing Tax Increment Financing secured by a publicly held first lien as a bridge loan for acquisition and redevelopment of blighted, unsafe property. Complied with pervasive federal regulations to secure tax-advantaged federal funding for $21,000,000 redevelopment project.
  • Collaborative Approach to Multi-Agency Technology Requirements: Negotiated multiagency agreement for shared use of fiber-optic network, records management system and telecommunications systems for coordinated and redundant services.
  • Legal Services Reconfiguration: Analyzed client operational models and implemented conversion from fully outsourced/hourly model and fully in-house/employee model to hybrid models utilizing a combination of flat-rate, hourly and in-house services to maximize client benefit and cost savings.
  • Purchasing/Contracting: Developed and implemented organization-wide purchasing and contracting policies and forms to confirm compliance with budgetary restrictions, manage indemnification/insurance and mitigate liabilities for agencies with annual budgets in excess of $100,000,000.
  • Full Legal Services:  Represent numerous public bodies, governmental agencies, private clients and individuals in matters including: residential/commercial/industrial property acquisition, leasing, entitlement and development; corporate law and regulatory compliance; litigation and appeals; governmental work (drafting and enforcement of ordinances, prosecution, Police, Fire, EMS).  Effectively integrate my practice into my clients’ operations to serve as functional in-house counsel, reducing their costs and improving their speed and quality of services. Implement and independently manage projects to outsource staff, streamline processes, resolve conflict and promote development.
  • Outside Counsel Operations: Select, contract for and supervise third party law firms in provision of outsourced legal services on behalf of represented clients, inclusive of identified mechanisms to audit, control and reduce cost.
  • Message Management: Serve as Public Information Officer and public relations consultant on wide array of both positive and negative news from municipal clients.  Develop innovative messaging strategies and content to convey project significance and develop support and consensus.
  • Real Property Development:  Manage numerous commercial and industrial property leases at all stages from negotiation through lease termination for projects ranging from single vendor temporary site license agreements to large-scale, revenue bond funded industrial development.  Devise, negotiate, document and implement creative incentives to promote beneficial commercial and industrial development (inclusive of real estate tax abatements, sales tax rebates, fee credits and waivers, innovative zoning entitlements, property acquisition cost write-down agreements, tax increment and business district financing, use of tax-advantaged bonds and borrowing, special service areas and special assessments, and related tools). Projects have ranged in size from a single dwelling unit up to multi-unit developments with anticipated values in excess of a quarter of a billion dollars, and with commercial developments ranging from a single storefront to multi-million square foot industrial complexes.
  • Responsiveness:  Provide ‘in the field’ responses and emergency legal advice and recommendations to police and fire departments confronted by public safety emergencies and legal crises.  Exercise exceptional judgment in balancing legal and practical concerns. 

Mickey, Wilson, Weiler, Renzi & Andersson, P.C. (2004-2008, Associate; 2008-2012, Partner)

Overview: Service in a variety of roles for public and private clients including extensive service as corporate counsel. Develop strategies and legal framework for asset and corporate sales, mergers and acquisitions as well as opportunities for separate entity isolation of certain operations based on liability or tax considerations. Service as insurance counsel on a variety of claims including personal injury, complex contract claims, wrongful death, and civil conspiracy/RICO. Negotiate annexation, zoning and development agreements providing for entitlement of thousands of acres of commercial, industrial and residential development; use of bond/security claims and litigation to address development-related defaults.

Technical Focus: Litigation and motion practice including pre-trial process and discovery, conduct of trials, and post-trial appellate work. Coordination of services of in-house, contractual and insurance-defense counsel to ensure efficient approach to client challenges and best possible outcomes. Federal litigation of claims relating to commercial paper, bank default, FDIC insured deposits and complex creditor claims. Prosecution and defense of sexual harassment, discrimination and ADA claims, including successful plaintiffs’ cases with seven-figure verdicts.

Key Projects and Successes:

  • Innovative Litigation: Used litigation to establish new and beneficial case law relating to enforcement of annexation and boundary line agreements. Expanded application of Moorman doctrine bar on recovery of pure economic damages in tort through cases involving both professional malpractice and products liability. Leveraged litigation to secure assignment of bad-faith insurance claim to secure payment of significant discrimination judgment.
  • Special Appointments: Appointed to serve as Special Assistant State’s Attorney to represent units of government in intergovernmental litigation relating to funding obligations between state and county offices. Appointed to serve on electoral board to hear objections to petition for referendum on $45,000,000 of public bonds.
  • Litigation, Audits and Appeals:  Successfully defended public bodies in circuit and appellate court cases against challenges to annexation, boundary line and development agreements, and established new state laws protecting rights of municipality and developer to contractually agree regarding zoning entitlements for future development.  Litigated complex creditor claims against Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation relating to bank failures and defaults on letters of credit, as well as violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act and sexual harassment/discrimination lawsuits, with verdicts in excess of $1,000,000.  Successfully defended $23,400,000 special service area backed bond issuance against Internal Revenue Service audit of tax-exempt eligible spending and accounting of funds.

Experienced Professional:

Legal Professional with years of applied negotiation, drafting, litigation and management experience across multiple roles in public and private organizations. Skilled in leadership of teams engaged in identification of true organizational objectives and implementation of the most effective methodology for accomplishing the same. Adaptable, focused, and able to convert conflict into opportunities for integrative bargaining and collaboration. Based on significant and diverse experience, accustomed to working in pervasively regulated environments involving integration of new technologies and new approaches to challenges and opportunities.  Innovate and inspire co-employees and clients at all organizational levels, and deliver streamlined, optimized professional services that couple a nuanced understanding of legal obligations with a practical, demonstrated appreciation of client objectives.  Deliver timely, accurate advice that contributes towards clients’ overall wellbeing.

  • Technical Acumen: Experience both working for and responding to governmental agencies in a broad swath of practice areas gives rise to a results-oriented approach that identifies and achieves truly beneficial objectives in a direct, efficient fashion that complies with regulatory requirements and best practices.
  • Innovative Approaches: Reputation for considering challenges from a multidisciplinary perspective and developing negotiation and drafting strategies that leverage transformative ideas to greatly improve organizational outcomes.
  • Proven Results:  Demonstrated history of success with negotiation, litigation and integrative bargaining in a broad range of fields.

Other Employment:

2017-Present: Adjunct Professor of Leadership, Ethics and Values, North Central College

  • Based upon extensive experience with negotiation, non-traditional approaches to conflict and various methodological approaches to dispute resolution, invited to serve as Adjunct Professor of Leadership, Ethics and Values, instructing in Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution, so as to help the next generation of leaders and professionals to understand effective negotiation strategies and the benefits of integrative bargaining. Explain complex legal issues and policies in a fashion that allows non-lawyers to gain a full, nuanced understanding.

Publications, Presentations and Awards:

  • Foundations of Sustainable Development: Law, Regulation and Planning. ISBN 978-1-61438-325-3. Author of book on sustainable development practices, published by the American Bar Association, 2012.
  • TEDx Presentation: On the Making of a Lawful Dystopia. TEDx talk at North Central College contemplating the increasing influence of law and liability on public policy, and charting the unintended and challenging social consequences thereof.
  • Superlawyer, Rising Star Attorney, Illinois Outstanding Young Lawyer, Kane County Outstanding New Lawyer. Recognized by the Thomson-Reuters Rising Star program in each year of eligibility from 2009-2014, and by Superlawyers program in first year of eligibility (2015-2017) in the field of State, Local and Municipal Lawyers. Selection process involves independent, third party nomination by judges and fellow attorneys, independent review and ranking, and inclusion within the top five percent of nominated attorneys. Also recognized as one of Illinois’ Outstanding Young Lawyers in Chicago Magazine. In 2007, selected as the Kane County Bar Association Outstanding New Lawyer.
  • Ordinance Prohibiting Possession or Use of Synthetic Drugs and Bath Salts. Ordinance drafted for use by local client was selected by the National Alliance for Model State Drug Laws as their suggested model ordinance for adoption nationwide and was presented at NAMSDL national conference in Washington, D.C., 2012.
  • Author of over 25 articles in State and County Bar Journals. Topics included compliance with Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act and Red Flag Regulations, construction of public and private buildings, demolition and condemnation of property, regulatory requirements under the Truth in Taxation Act, understanding special service areas and other parcel-specific forms of real property taxation and procedural guides to several court processes.
  • Court-Appointed Arbitrator, Guardian ad Litem, and Electoral Objection Hearing Board Officer. Selected by local judiciary for appointment to positions of trust involving exercise of considerable discretion and judgment as necessary for the operation of the legal and electoral systems.
  • President, Kane County Bar Association. Having served as General Counsel, Director, Secretary/Treasurer and Vice-President, was elected to serve as President of the oldest bar association in Illinois, comprising over 1,250 members.
  • Co-Founder, Northern Illinois University / City of Elgin Sustainable Governance Conference. Served as one of the founders of a collaborative conference on sustainable governance and served as introductory speaker, panel moderator, and presenter of Contracting, Financing and Securing Sustainable Projects: A Team Approach, 2010.
  • Volunteer Firefighter, Emergency Medical Technician. While busily engaged in the practice of law, obtained certifications as structural firefighter, fire apparatus engineer and emergency medical technician, and served as volunteer firefighter/EMT, listed on National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians, 2005-2008.
  • President, Axletree Inc., NFP. Co-founder and President of 501(c)(3) charitable corporation organized and operated to support outdoor advocacy and provide economically disadvantaged persons with affordable, safe transportation.

Education and Admissions:

  • Illinois State Bar (2004), United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois (2004), United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit (2007).
  • Juris Doctorate (With Honors, 2004), Chicago-Kent College of Law.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Summa Cum Laude, Presidential Scholarship Recipient, Richter Fellowship Recipient, 2001), North Central College, Naperville, IL.
  • Formerly licensed as Emergency Medical Technician, Firefighter II, Fire Apparatus Engineer, NIMS-ICS 100, HC-ICS 100, ICS 200.

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Implemented opportunity for municipal client to refinance and restructure long-term, special-service area backed bond debt, resulting in double-digit reduction in tax burden to residents.
  • Negotiated comprehensive development agreement for 500+ unit residential development in transaction involving financing through federal and state grant funding and tax-credit eligible equity funding, and successfully defended municipal client’s exercise of zoning authority against legal challenge from adjacent property owners.
  • Devised complex financing mechanism to leverage Tax Increment Financing District funds, secured by first mortgage against property, to subsidize acquisition and development of mixed-use commercial/residential development and enable the demolition of outdated and unsafe structures.
  • Successfully defended equal protection / use of force litigation in federal court, and leveraged use of additional insured status on third party insurance to protect client interests.
  • Litigate several thousand prosecution and administrative hearing cases per year, inclusive of several hundred trials per year.
  • Negotiated franchise agreements for major telecom companies as well as SAAS agreements with numerous technology services providers, and generated innovative structure for multi-party fiber-optic network shared utilization and maintenance agreements.
  • Appointed to serve as legal counsel for Kane County Chiefs of Police Associationand to provide law and policy recommendations and training to 33 member agencies.

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