General Counsel and Risk Manager

In order to be agile and serve the changing needs of my clients in a dynamic environment, I often serve functionally as their in-house counsel.  This is where all of the skill, experience and acumen comes to play.  WIth my negotiation ability, I am able to meet their direct and immediate needs for coming to agreement on the terms and conditions applicable to a given project.  With my litigation experience, I can see the potential risks before they occur, and work to mitigate them through planning and preparation.  Where conflict does occur, I am able to help my clients find the most efficient expeditious path to resolution.

Serving as general counsel and working on issues of risk management requires an awareness of liabilities big and small.  It requires approaching each day with one’s eyes open to opportunities and challenges.  From steps as small as ensuring that premises are safely maintained to as complex as ensuring that police officers engage in appropriate use of force, my practical experience has given me the knowledge and confidence to confront challenging situations and respond with reason and authority.  Being effective in a general role does not always mean knowing every aspect of every type of law, but it does mean being a person who can effectively find relevant information and standards and rapidly apply them to the then-current context.

Serving in this role brings in my non-traditional expertise as well.  Having served as a firefighter and emergency medical technician, I have worked under the most stressful and urgent circumstances imaginable, when life and death are truly on the line.  Working on a daily basis with public safety officials, I see challenges ranging from search and seizure to medical privacy issues, all of which require immediate decision-making.  My experience enables me to address a wide range of risk management concerns including considerations of site security and disaster response.  With a broad base of experience and knowledge, my clients trust me to have the skill necessary to guide them through problematic occurrences.  Effective general counsel cannot look only to legal issues and be blind to the larger operational concerns; in my practice, I advise my clients on the legal issues that they face, and also help them to understand the relative importance of the law in the host of factors affecting their decisions.

Sometimes, risk management is as easy as ensuring that salt is placed on a snow-covered sidewalk, and sometimes, it is as challenging as educating first responders about the risks of dealing with emotionally disturbed persons in crisis.  My clients trust my recommendations because they have seen, firsthand, the pragmatic and supportive approach I take to mitigating their risks, before conflict occurs.  They appreciate that I can see issues from all sides, and find the most effective path, overcoming any resistance along the way.  That same approach leads to effectively addressing internal liabilities and workers compensation risks by evaluating loss history and implementing changes in procedures, practices or equipment in order to prevent recurrent claims.  With my time both in private and governmental practice, I have extensive experience in not only complying with regulatory requirements, but also in understanding them in the way that only someone who has previously drafted and enforced such requirements can.  I can find the reasons behind given regulations, which enables more meaningful compliance or more persuasive arguments for change.  I work with the highest levels of confidentiality and data restriction, including CJIS and HIPAA governed environments, and also including development agreements relating to military technology.

Because of my experience in healthcare, law enforcement, telecommunications and computing, many areas of special technical knowledge are comfortable environments for me to work in.  For those areas that are outside my normal range of expertise, I partner with subject matter experts to understand the field, the opportunities and the obstacles, and then lay out the plans for project and enterprise-level success.

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