Fixed Fee Services for Local Government

There are many times when a simple, low-cost, early intervention can pay dividends in reducing long-term exposures.  For over a decade, I have been providing local governmental clients fixed-fee services, designed around their needs.  Fixed-fee services allow units of government to have balanced, predictable budgets–and also allow them to pick up the phone and obtain immediate, cost-effective and accurate legal advice at any time, without having to worry about a running tab of legal fees.

I started offering fixed-fee services for units of government when I recognized that there were entities who were afraid of running a legal tab, and thus failed to call for advice early in a project when it could have the most impact.  These same entities later faced incredibly substantial legal costs to get out of situations that would have been preventable with a simple, fast discussion at the start of their project.  Fixed-fee services take away your barrier to getting timely, affordable recommendations.

I offer a variety of packages sized to meet the needs of a wide variety of public entities.  Those service bundles are designed based upon your needs, based upon my experience as an attorney practicing municipal law for over 15 years, and based upon my practical experience working in local government as a volunteer, a consultant, an appointed office-holder, and as an employee.  I have seen how local government works from a variety of perspectives, and I can bring my experience to benefit you.

Contact us today to find out more about our fixed-fee services for local government, or to design a package that is perfectly suited to your needs, or read more about our legal services for local governments or our general information.