Legal Services, Simplified.

Sometimes, you just need an experienced professional to help you with a simple project.  Perhaps it’s a contract that you have questions about, or a document that you need drafted.  Maybe you have a question about some aspect of your business operations, or thoughts on forming a new enterprise.  Yes, we handle transactions in the tens of millions of dollars, but we also help our clients work through simpler issues.  Legal services shouldn’t be a mystery–we make them accessible.

You’ve needed legal advice but aren’t sure who to call.  Call us.

You’ve had legal questions but are worried about the price.  We offer reduced cost, and fixed-fee services.

You have challenges to deal with, but have a busy schedule.  We offer virtual meetings, as well as night and weekend consultations.  We work around your life.

You can benefit from the expertise of an American Bar Association published book author, at a cost that you can afford.

Results Oriented Services.

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